Sustainability When we help the world in which we operate to thrive, so do we. SwireTHRIVE

Swire has stood the test of time by always looking ahead and taking the right decisions for the long term. The world is facing the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, and we are committed to being part of the solution.


In 2016 Swire introduced "SwireTHRIVE", a new group-wide environmental sustainability strategy which will have an impact on every part of Swire's operations. It comprises six key target areas for improvement that have been identified as being material to our businesses. These goals are due for delivery by 2030.

Swire Bulk's Sustainable Development strategy is fully aligned with the Swire groups’ environmental strategy and covers other areas which are material to our own Company. We have aligned them across three focus areas:

  • We will respect and care for the human rights of our employees and other stakeholders, unlocking the potential for all of them to grow.
  • We will create a resilient environment that provides for our future.
  • Project Cerulean Enhancing
  • Cetacean Habitat Observation Programme (ECHO)
  • We will work with stakeholders wherever we operate to improve people’s lives.
  • Vive Initiative: Read More
  • Radical Decarbonisation of Marine Fuel