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Swire Bulk Pte Ltd ("Swire Bulk") continues to pursue the long term goal of minimising negative environmental impact and supporting communities in which we operate. We believe that adopting best practices in these areas is good for the general public and for enlightened self-interest.

Strong organisational governance is the key to operating a socially responsible organisation. Swire Bulk’s policies, procedures and governance structures ensure accuracy, consistency, risk management and responsiveness to key stakeholders including customers, shareholders and regulators.

We have in place policies, guidelines and procedures that comprise our organisational governance suite. Our key governance documents are listed below.

OUR Policies & Procedures:

Biodiversity is vital to maintaining a resilient natural environment and a resilient natural environment is vital to the sustainable development of Swire Bulk’s business.


It is our policy that Swire Bulk will pay due regard to biodiversity considerations in our operations. Swire Bulk will identify key biodiversity risks and take steps to mitigate them.


Read the full policy here.

Swire Bulk must take adequate steps to build our resilience to climate change by identifying and managing climate change risks and opportunities and by developing strategies in line with global best practices to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change on our operations and businesses.


It is the policy of Swire Bulk to take adequate steps to build its resilience to climate change through adequate mitigation, adaption and by building adaptive capacity. In the process of this, Swire Bulk will seek technical assistance where required from the the John Swire & Sons Limited’s Sustainable Development Office.


Read the full policy here.

For over 190 years, the Swire group of companies has been recognised as acting responsibly in the course of achieving its commercial success. Our reputation for fair dealing and integrity is a great asset: preserving this asset depends on maintaining our high standards. Compliance with this Code is an essential part of our doing so.


This Code applies to all Relevant Persons and is applicable wherever Swire does business. In the case of joint ventures, the Swire representatives involved/concerned are expected to act in accordance with this Code themselves and to use reasonable endeavours to influence those with whom they are working to ensure they also act to similar standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.


Read our Corporate Code of Conduct here.

Swire Bulk is committed to a target of zero pollution incidents, and our ultimate goal is for our operations to have a zero net impact on the environment. The protection of the environment and the effective monitoring of a business’ impact on the environment are all criteria that every Corporate Citizen must strive to meet. Swire Bulk is committed to being an industry leader capable of innovating and improving standards in line with our reputation for best-operating practices in the industry.


Read the full policy here.

Swire Bulk is strongly committed to ensuring we conduct our business in a manner which respects the human rights and dignity of our employees, those employed in our supply chains and the communities in which we operate.


Read the full policy here.

Swire Bulk takes our obligations with regard to the elimination of modern slavery, wherever it may be present, very seriously. Swire Bulk will not tolerate the practice of modern slavery in any form and is committed to continue to work with all of our stakeholders and relevant regulators to combat this issue, wherever and whenever we may become aware of it.


Swire Bulk is committed to ensure that there is no modern slavery in our supply chains or in any part of our business. We have put in place a number of compliance processes to prevent, detect and eradicate any incidences of modern slavery, as laid out in:

  • UK Modern Slavery Act (2015)
  • Other relevant laws and regulations


Read the full policy here.

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Swire Bulk and/or its group companies and/or subsidiaries is committed to taking a more sustainable development path for ourselves and future generations. We recognise the importance of conserving, and where possible enhancing, species diversity and that we have a responsibility not to facilitate trade in any flora or fauna or their produce that may threaten the sustainability of any species.


Read the full policy here.

Our Recruitment Data Policy explains how we manage the personal data of all job applicants. Swire Bulk respects and safeguards the privacy of all job applicants and we will only collect personal data that is necessary for role assessment. 


Read the full policy here.

Swire Bulk is strongly committed to operating ethically, prudently, responsibly and safely. Our Sustainable Development Policy commits Swire Bulk to high standards on environmental, health & safety, human rights & labour policies, business ethics and community issues. It also commits us to working with suppliers who share the same standards and promote sustainable development.


This Code of Conduct has been explicitly named to closely reflect the goal that we share with all of our suppliers – to make our businesses sustainable.


We actively seek to select and work with suppliers who not only comply with laws and regulations but go beyond by setting standards that are expected of an industry leader. We also have a strong preference to work with suppliers who share our commitment to honesty and integrity and who seek to integrate principles of sustainable development into all areas of their business.


Swire Bulk is committed to selecting and retaining qualified suppliers that meet this Supplier Code of Conduct.


Read the full policy here.

Swire Bulk aims to create long term value for our shareholders. Achieving this depends on the sustainable development of our businesses and the communities in which we operate.


To achieve sustainable development, we aim:

  • To achieve net zero impact on the environment;
  • To cause zero harm to our stakeholder communities and assets under our stewardship;
  • To excel as corporate citizens


Read the full policy here.

Swire Bulk is committed to managing our business sustainably, which includes having sustainable offices. A sustainable office promotes ecological and environmental balance by reducing the depletion of natural resources, while providing employees with a conducive work environment that promotes their wellbeing and productivity.


Read the Sustainable Office Guidelines here.


All companies in which Swire Bulk has a controlling interest, its affiliates and subsidiaries should commit to sustainable purchasing and give preference to sustainable products. The commitment should include identifying, selecting and purchasing products (i.e. goods and services) with significantly less adverse environmental and social impacts than alternative competing products.

Associated and Jointly Controlled companies are encouraged to follow this policy.


The Swire Bulk  Purchasing Manager will establish administrative procedures relating to this Policy and will be designated the responsible party to communicate and implement the policy and admin procedures, including explaining to all affiliates, subsidiaries and external parties the reason for the implementation.

The following factors should be considered, where appropriate, during procurement:

  • Minimal use of virgin material in the product
  • Replacement of disposables with reusables or recyclables
  • Minimal environmental impact from the entire product or service life cycle
  • Minimal packaging or elimination of packaging
  • Reduced energy /water consumption
  • Toxicity reduction or elimination
  • Durability and maintenance requirements (avoid single-use disposable items)
  • Waste disposal considerations (high recyclability)

 Preference should be given to suppliers which have:

  • A policy stating their sustainability values and commitments
  • Sustainability certificates or awards
  • Sustainability management systems or quality management systems that incorporate environmental and social considerations
  • Full compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct and all applicable environmental and social regulations and legislation


As a company we strive to be good stewards of the natural resources and biodiversity under our influence. We prefer to work with suppliers and contractors including financial institutions, consultants and professional advisors who promote sustainable development through their own business activities. When procuring products and services, due consideration shall be taken into account to optimise the benefits in terms of the environment, social impact and cost, both from the point of view of the general public good and from enlightened self-interest.

Sustainable procurement helps achieving actual environmental and social benefits, promoting public awareness on sustainability issues and encourages manufacturers to introduce environmentally and socially responsible products.


Swire Bulk shall ensure we support or encourage the production or supply or consumption of sustainably produced food items to support the sustainable use of natural resources, avoid contributing to climate change and protect biodiversity. Swire Bulk will ensure that all food prepared and/or purchased for consumption at a Swire Bulk worksite and/or by Swire Bulk employees at a Swire Bulk or 3rd party worksite are as sustainably produced as reasonably possible.


Read the full policy here.

Swire Bulk has a Policy that all ships at the end of their economic lives will be recycled in a sustainable, safe, responsible and environmentally sound manner. This Policy details how this will be assured by Swire Bulk.


This Policy applies to all Swire Bulk group vessels at the end of their economic life that are not sold for onward trading and are thus sent for recycling.


Read the full policy here.


Find out more about our sustainable shipping initiatives.

Swire Bulk recognises that responsible waste management is essential to protecting the natural resources and ensuring the health and wellbeing of the communities in which we operate. We are committed to managing and reducing waste effectively across our operations and supply chain.


Read the full policy here.

We take ethical behaviour and the importance of upholding the integrity of our brand and reputation seriously. This policy provides a framework to promote responsible and secure whistleblowing without fear of adverse consequences, in accordance with our Corporate Code of Conduct.


Read the full policy here.