Our initiatives


Swire Bulk Pte Ltd. (“Swire Bulk”) believes that long-term value creation depends on the sustainable development of the Company and giving back to the different communities in which we operate and which we impact. Our SD Policy covers this commitment (“To cause zero harm to our stakeholder communities”). Swire Bulk invests in the key stakeholder communities where we have major presence. A number of Corporate Philanthropic (CP) and Community Investment projects are being implemented in various geographic locations with numerous employee engagement activities. Swire Bulk’s Sustainable Development department is managing Community related matters together with local champions in various geographical locations.

We support charities and community organisations as well as our employees in need. Our support for our communities focuses, as far as possible, on the following areas:

  • Provision of Educational and/or Health Opportunities for Youth; and/or
  • Enhancing the Companies’ Presence in our Stakeholder Communities; and/or
  • Environmentally/Biodiversity Sustainability issues;
Whilst as best possible simultaneously:
  • Demonstrating a strategic fit with Swire Bulk’s business;
  • Fostering or enhancing a Corporate Partnership with Swire Bulk, (rather than being disconnected philanthropy) – i.e. be Business Critical Community Engagement (“BCCE”);
  • Involve a Long-Term Partnership;
  • Be Responsive to Community Needs;
  • Normally avoid “One-Offs” (i.e. general disaster relief)
  • Involve fewer but larger sums, rather than many small donations, as these have a bigger impact multiplier.

We are committed to establishing long-term, mutually rewarding relations with our partners and our communities. To learn more about Swire Bulk’s global partnerships, please refer to the Communities section of our Sustainable Development reports.
Swire Bulk participated in a voluntary speed reduction initiative led by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to do its part for the recovery and survival of killer whales. Research has shown that noise can interfere with the ability of whales to hunt, navigate and communicate with each other.

The initiative aims to save endangered southern resident killer whales which numbered 74 in 2018, a 30 year low.

Read more about the programme here
The VIVE Sustainable Supply Programme covers the entire agricultural ingredient supply chain; from field to end-user. Shipping is often the ‘missing link’ in verified sustainable supply chains. Swire Bulk has become the first shipping company to reach VIVE Claim Level and will set the standard of sustainable practice within the industry.
Read more about the programme here
Swire Bulk partners the Endangered Species International (ESI) in South Mindanao in the Philippines on mangrove and coastal reef conservation and to protect the endangered Philippine forest turtles.

Under this partnership, ASSM volunteers (who are Swire Bulk seafarers) work in the field alongside the ESI on various conservation and community engagement activities. Swire Bulk organised a number of field trips to both the Mt. Matutum Protected Landscape and Sarangani Bay area downstream of this.