Dry bulk Parcelling SWIRE PROJECTS Services Bespoke supply chain solutions
in dry bulk and parcelling sectors
Cargo overview

Our shipments are highly diversified across commodities, industries, and regions with no single customers making up more than 5% of the total volume.

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Total Tonnes Shipped


From clean energy and renewables, to vital commodities such as grain and construction materials, we develop innovative cargo services and end-to-end supply chain solutions.

    Agricultural products made up the largest share of our cargoes in 2019. We understand the special requirements in the handling of grains and fertilisers as well as the products’ sensitivity to weather conditions.


    We carry windmill components including blades and towers. We provide the specialist engineering solutions required for loading renewable cargoes.


    We transport logs and a range of cement products to support the construction industry around the world.


    We are established in servicing the energy sector through carrying a range of cargoes including wood pellets and coal.


    Our shipping solutions form an integral part of the supply chain for steel products to accompany global infrastructure development.


    Our vessels carry a range of minerals and ores produced by the mining industry. The infrastructure and pipes required by the mining sites are also transported on our ships.


Dry Bulk

We transport dry bulk commodities including grains, steel, cement logs and coal globally for a variety of customers worldwide. Our bulk carrier design maximises the cubic capacity in each hold allowing us to carry a greater volume of cargo on board more efficiently.



Our global parcelling division focuses on carrying various combinations of bulk and breakbulk cargoes. We focus on niche industrial sectors where we can grow established relationships with traditional bulk charterers and develop new relations with unitised parcel-focused customers. Our regular cargoes include bulk and bagged industrial commodities, steel and machinery products, forestry products, and project cargoes.

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In partnership with

Swire Bulk partners with Swire Projects, a recently launched division within Swire Shipping, to carry renewable cargoes including windmill blades and towers. Utilising back-haul capacity on these project cargoes allows Swire Bulk to provide a uniquely economic and competitive solution.


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