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CNCo has long been the Employer of Choice for our seagoing and shore-based employees. The average length of service has increased, with shore-based employees serving 5.34 years in 2018 to 6.16 in 2019. In 2018, crew worked for 5.10 years; in 2019, they did so for 5.47. Officers served 6.03 years in 2018. In 2019, this number grew to 6.35.

Long Service Awards

CNCo gives out long service awards to employees, in recognition of their service and ongoing contribution. In 2019, 90 colleagues at sea and ashore, received these awards. Their tenure ranged from 10 to 35 years. When these are summed up, the total length of service recognised amounted to 1,380 years.

CNCo has a number of welfare committees, comprising passionate volunteers in our various offices around the world. They promote team building, networking and employee bonding in social, cross-functional and job group interaction in fun settings. A number of social events are held throughout the year and are an important part of building the Company's culture. For more information see "Employee Health and Well-being" section of the report.

Average Length of Service in Years



Rewards & Recognition Programme

We believe that it is important to reward and recognise people based on performance, results and behaviours allowing employees to feel valued and appreciated at work. We have in place a Global Reward and Recognition Programme to reward and recognise employees for extraordinary efforts.

The programme operates on two platforms: formal and informal. The programme is focused on safety, ideas for improvements, Company values, achievement of strategic or business improvement projects, or significant contribution towards the achievement of business plans linked to CNCo's strategic objectives.

Seafarers Recruitment Programme

The new Recruitment Evaluation and Assessment Programme (REAP) was introduced in May 2019.

There are several benefits of the REAP that cover:

  • Learnings from the existing Senior Officers Attachment Programme will be advantageous for running the REAP;
  • Several evaluators with specific expertise will evaluate these officers during the programme;
  • Association with the office staff and their work processes will be beneficial for the new recruits when they join;
  • A complete overview of the new recruits given by the evaluators to assist the crewing operations department in making an objective decision on the final appointment;
  • Extended handover in connection with first assignment will ensure adequate operational familiarisation;
  • There will be less waiting time for the new recruits to join a vessel coupled with a significant reduction in logistical challenges presently faced by the crewing operations department.

Managing Director's Message
Managing Director's Message

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The new Recruitment Evaluation and Assessment Programme (REAP) was introduced in May 2019.

Training and Development

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