Employee Health and Well-being

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Photo: Australia - Colleagues celebrating 'R U Okay' Day dedicated to reminding everyone to ask, "Are you OK?" to connect with people who have emotional insecurity, to address social isolation and promote community cohesiveness.

Employee Health and Well-being

CNCo's welfare group has oversight of the social / welfare strategy areas. It plays an important role in creating a more cohesive organisation where the employees are engaged and satisfied, making CNCo their Employer of Choice.

We are committed to developing and sustaining a work environment and culture that supports the safety, security and welfare of our people, and have developed an aligned set of basic standards that our onshore offices can apply. Throughout 2019, a variety of educational talks and activities around the themes of Physical Surroundings, Social Connection, Intellectual, Emotional, Financial and Health Well-being took place. Those activities were organised as part of the safety and wellness campaigns.


Our offices across Australia developed a calendar of events for the full year. Recognising that a safety culture did not stop just at work, varied activities were carried out. These included first aid and CPR training for all colleagues was organised together with fire drills, office inspections to identify any hazards, test tagging of electrical equipment and ergonomic assessments.

With a strong focus on mental health, various interactive stress management workshops were held. They were a great tool in understanding stress, depression, suicide and anxiety. Participants also learnt how to minimise and manage triggers. Additionally, meditation, Pilates and onsite massage sessions were offered.

A series of onsite health checks included skin cancer and heart checks, flu vaccinations, women's health, men's health, stroke awareness, healthy eating, nutrition and cooking demonstrations. As a result, high-sugar office treats were replaced with healthier food such as fresh fruit and nuts. We also provided a variety of dairy and non-dairy options.

Social activities included bowling, triathlons, morning teas, lunches, fundraising for the drought-stricken farmers, indoor cricket and a number of multicultural events. Programmes on cancer and mental health awareness issues also took place.

The Chinese mainland

Activities centred around the new and improved safety campaign which included a safety quiz week, enhanced ergonomics workshop, a session on healthy eating and dance classes.


Left: The Chinese mainland - Colleagues learning about healthy food

Right: New Zealand - Colleagues getting ready for a quiz night

New Zealand

Quarterly briefings with colleagues on safety / incident reporting and hazard management were held, together with semi-annual workplace safety inspections. During the year, representatives attended training sessions on first aid, warden responsibilities, and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The Well-being Committee in Auckland continued to organise employee events and activities, with participation rates increasing by 70%. Activities included International Lunch Days, fundraising for deaf children, a beach clean-up exercise, quiz and movie nights, a weight loss competition, information sessions on medical insurance and retirement planning, and volunteering to provide free lunches to children.


The Onshore Safety Committee ran a range of activities and workshops which aimed to educate employees about our Zero Harm approach and understand onshore safety more holistically, beyond physical surroundings to physical health and emotional well-being. Talks covered basic fire safety awareness, ergonomics and our working environment. Colleagues attended fitness assessment sessions, talks about posture, nutrition, mindfulness and meditation. Introductory classes on rockclimbing and yoga were offered. A "Walk and Run Challenge" was held to motivate colleagues to be more active.

Colleagues could also sign up for a chocolate making workshop in collaboration with special needs individuals, and a terrarium making workshop, which would allow them to take a break from work, get creative and have fun.


Above: Singapore - Participants learning about rock climbing

PNG & Solomon Islands

The Onshore Safety Committee organised a variety of activities to promote a Zero Harm culture and healthy living across offices, including a monthly safety sharing session, safety quizzes, and tee shirt and cap design contests around the safety theme. In the Port Moresby and Lae offices, talks were held on raising awareness of tuberculosis, first aid courses and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training.


Above: PNG & Solomon Islands - Colleagues dressed in the winning tee shirt design

UK (London)

To inform all colleagues about the importance of safety and well-being, the first Safety, Security and Welfare week was organised. Several colleagues took part in the 'Silk Road' challenge, where the team had to complete 30,000 miles within a specified period. We accomplished our mission by walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming and even using an elliptical trainer, raising £10,000 for three charities.

The team also participated in the annual Oscar Dragon Boat Race which marked the end of London's Shipping Week.

Another initiative for health and well-being was the introduction of lunchtime Pilates classes. With strong support across Swire House, four two-hour sessions each week were held with over 40 colleagues in attendance.


Above: London office team after the Oscar Dragon Boat Race

Other offices

From Pago Pago to Miami through Samoa to Vancouver, a new office in Rio de Janeiro and New Caledonia, offices are all committed to making workplaces safe and focusing on employee wellness.

A plethora of activities included fire drills, cyclone and tsunami awareness training, workshops on healthy eating, financial well-being, mental health awareness, hazard identification and safety quizzes, budgeting and homeownership insights. Sporting activities included golf, badminton, indoor soccer, water aerobics, yoga and a run to fight cancer.


Above: New Caledonia - female colleagues in Noumea participated in a race organised to support victims of breast cancer


Above: Canada - the North American team took part in the ISSC's Day of the Seafarer Peak Challenge, scaling some 3,000 steps on the Grouse Grind® for charity

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We are committed to developing and sustaining a work environment and culture that supports the safety, security and welfare of our people, and have developed an aligned set of basic standards that our onshore offices can apply.

Exciting activities ahead as New Caledonia launches its health, safety and well-being calendar for the year

Swire Shipping Agency Noumea officially launched the Health, Safety and Well-being calendar for 2019 during a kick-start breakfast. Colleagues were given an overview of the activities for the year and were encouraged to offer suggestions to support the onshore safety campaign.

The team also took the opportunity to discuss different ways to reduce plastic waste in the office and suggested installing recycling bins and stopping the use of plastic utensils. Colleagues will share the responsibility for managing the disposal of the recycling efforts.