SD Strategy


Our SD strategy is fully aligned with the Swire group’s environmental strategy: “SwireTHRIVE”, which aims to mitigate operational risks and build long-term resilience by driving higher standards, greater efficiency, and increased innovation in key areas.

The aim of SwireTHRIVE is to consider our potential impact on the environment while continuing to prosper in the long term. SwireTHRIVE focuses on environmental sustainability because the success of people, communities and Swire itself depends on a thriving natural environment. The key issue areas of SwireTHRIVE are Carbon, Waste, Water, Sustainable Materials, Biodiversity and Climate Resilience.

The six key environmental issues of the SwireTHRIVE strategy are material to all divisions across the Swire group and all of its operating companies. In addition to those six focus areas of SwireTHRIVE, CNCo’s strategy covers other areas which are material to our Company. We have aligned these CNCoTHRIVE issues under these three pillars:

  • Thriving People,
  • Thriving Environment, and
  • Thriving Communities.

These commitments are detailed in CNCo’s Sustainable Development strategy (introduced in 2016). All our current and future sustainability initiatives are aligned with these three pillars. Our progress against those commitments and relevant Sustainable Development Goals is detailed here (SDGs and with Links to CNCoTHRIVE strategy and Material Issues with progress).

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Because when we help the world in which we operate to thrive, so do we.